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Consolidated Community Services, LLC

Vision:  To encourage enthusiasm for, and leave a positive thumbprint on the Community Association Industry worldwide.


Mission: To focus on developing skills, alliances, and strategic partnerships, and to create and share productive, innovative and sophisticated content, leadership expertise, and thoughtful solutions for industry practitioners, business partners, and volunteers.


  1. Reserve Studies – Align with strategic partners to provide intelligent and sophisticated reserve studies in accordance with National and International Standards on a timely and cost-effective basis.

  2. Education - Design, develop and promote thoughtful and relevant seminars to a given audience and in keeping with engagement guidelines.  Align industry efforts to the Community Association Institute, its local chapters, and other related organizations.

  3. Expert Witness – Provide industry expertise on community management, reserve studies, and operational practices for clients.

  4. Operational Analysis – Analyze and evaluate management company and community association operations, staffing, and technology to achieve financial and efficient results.

  5. Interim Management – Provide CEO/GM leadership services for large-scale community associations for interim periods.

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